"Nothing in the Gorgorra is as it seems."

Zhota's reflections(src)

The Fallen Star soars over the Gorgorra

The Gorgorra is a forest that borders Ivgorod. Its trees include pines, oaks, and birch trees. It is said that the balance between the gods of orders and chaos (of the Sahptev faith) is immutable here.[1]


The Gorgorra is located south of Ivgorod. Even its youngest trees were ancient when the Monks of Ivgorod were founded.[1] The forest is bordered by a mountain range.[2]

The forest was a battlefield during Rakkis's crusade against the West. While Ivgorod's forces had been soundly beaten in the open fields of Aranoch, they were able to use the dense forests and mountainous terrain to their advantage. The Monks of Ivgorod themselves were unleashed and constantly harrassed Rakkis's forces. Ultimately, while Ivgorod's might was shattered, its people and culture endured.[3]

With the coming of the Fallen Star, a shadow fell over the Gorgorra. Demons began prowling the forests, while bandits began striking the forest's isolated hamlets.[1]


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