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Requires: 81 Magic
Cost: 100 Mana (-6 per Spell Level, minimum 60)

Animates a being of the earth which shields the caster and fights with its fists.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Summon; Multiple Golems will attack each other; Only one Golem can be active at a time

Golem is a spell in Diablo I, a predecessor to the whole Golem skill type in the series, and the only real summoning spell in game.

General InformationEdit

When cast, summons a golem construct that aids the caster in attacking their enemies, and in addition is usually the primary target for enemy attacks. The golem lasts infinitely, but is not invulnerable and will die eventually (it also cannot be healed). Golems home in on nearby enemies. If nothing is nearby, they will walk in the direction their caster is facing. Golem's kills do grant experience.

Two golems on a single level will attack each other (if two players summon them), and each player can only summon one golem (attempting to summon another will kill the older one). Venturing into another level automatically causes the golem to crumble into dust.

Golems are immune to Apocalypse, Stone Curse and Telekinesis.

In addition to protection, it can be useful for Sorcerers against triple immune foes in Hell difficulty. Golem can also be used to kill foes around corners, behind bars etc.

A unique staff (Rod of Onan) contains golem charges.


  • Life: 2/3 x Maximum Mana + 10 x Spell Level
  • Armor: 25
  • To Hit: 40 + 2 x Character Level + 5 x Spell Level
  • Minimum Damage: 8 + 2 x Spell Level
  • Maximum Damage: 16 + 2 x Spell Level
  • Life Regeneration: 1.9, 4.1 and 6.6 each second on Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulty (same as for normal monster)
  • Walk Speed: 0.80 (slower than most monsters and characters)
  • Hit Recovery Time: 0.0 (instantaneous)
  • Attack Time: 0.60
  • Hit Time: 0.35
  • Resistances: None


Golems are weak against Succubi, as due to a bug in the Golem's light radius (it's set to infinite) every Succubus on the level sees the golem the moment it's cast, and will fire at the Golem if they have a line of sight. This can still be useful to take a pack of Succubi off the character's back.


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Diablo 1 spells - Golem (by Decimius)

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