Gold Viper (Diablo I)

Gold Viper

Gold Vipers are a type of Viper.


These Vipers are resplendent with their golden scales. Though more deadly than lesser Viper varieties, Gold Vipers are worth the risk, as the hide of one of these creatures can fetch double its weight in gold among blacksmiths who prize it.

They rarely accept the company of Azure Drakes.[1]


Gold Vipers are a Viper variant in Diablo I. Gold Vipers are yet another formidable version of Viper. They are found on Levels 12 - 14 of the Labyrinth, and are resistant to Lightning.


  • Hit Points: 140 - 180
  • Damage: 15 - 26
  • Resistance: Lightning
  • Immunities: Magic


  1. The Awakening
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