Goat Archer

A Goatman Archer

Goatman Archers are a ranged enemy type encountered in Diablo I.


Alongside Goatman Warriors, Archers can be found on many levels, ranging from the Cathedral to the Catacombs and Caves. They are classified as demons and can be formidable opponents when in large groups. Their Arrows stun and damage heroes from long ranges; allowing them to wear down adversaries before they can even close in for melee combat.

When confronting Goatmen Archers it is best to deal with them quickly. This can be based on evasion. Another way to circumvent their arrows is to move out of sight once you stumble upon archers. As they can no longer see you, the archers will come after you. This way you can ambush them around corners, giving you the advantage of melee range.



Within the game, Archers hail from several clans—the Flesh Clan, the Stone Clan, the Fire Clan and the Night Clan. They steadily increase in strength in the aforementioned order.

Goatmen Archers
Name Level Damage HP Resistance Immunity
Flesh Clan Archer 8 1-7 20-35 None None
23 6-18 61-106 None None
38 10-34 83-143 None None
Stone Clan Archer 10 2-9 30-40 Magic None
25 8-22 91-121 None None
40 14-42 123-163 None Magic
Fire Clan Archer 12 3-11 40-50 Fire None
27 10-26 121-151 None None
42 18-50 163-203 None Fire
Night Clan Archer 14 4-13 50-65 Magic None
29 12-30 151-196 None None
44 22-58 203-263 None Magic


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