Geleb Flamefinger is a Super Unique Council Member who guards the Compelling Orb in the Blackened Temple in Travincal.



Geleb Flamefinger was once a member of the High Council of Zakarum. When Mephisto used his corrupting influence to use the Zakarum in shattering his Soulstone, one of six small pieces of the Artifact was pierced into Geleb's left hand. The piece caused the left half of his body to mutate into a demon-like state.


Geleb Flamefinger spawns with three minion Council Members. He is found in the Black Temple in Travincal along with Ismail Vilehand and Toorc Icefist, who also spawn with minions. He can heal himself and his minions and run away after taking heavy damage. Typically, players regard this fight as being much tougher than fighting Mephisto himself.


  • The Flamefinger part of his name indicates his Fire Enchanted nature.
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