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Gelatinous Sire

The Gelatinous Sire

The Gelatinous Sire, Nefarious Promulgator is a type of Treasure Goblin, added in patch 2.2.0 of Diablo III.


It has the ability to split into two smaller Goblins on death, which all gain a brief moment of being immune to damage when they spawn. These smaller goblins, upon death, each split into three more again (to a total of six). The smallest six goblins drop double the loot of a full Goblin pack, therefore killing all six will grant twelve times the usual reward. Each has a separate escape timer, and they tend to run in different directions, therefore catching all six may be challenging. Only the smallest goblins drop any loot, and in the moment of splitting, have a brief moment of invulnerability.

To distinguish them from other types, Gelatinous Sire has bubble-like transparent blue appearance and an apparently deep voice.

In 4-player multiplayer games, the Sire will spawn 3 smaller goblins, each splitting into 3 more, to a total of 9 smallest goblins.[1]


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