Gargoyles are probably the most notorious breed of Winged Demons. They can usually be found on the lower levels of the catacombs, as well as the first level of the caves. These vile creatures have many magical immunities, making them tough opponents for magic wielding adventurers.


GARGOYLE (Signum Vitiosum)

In ages past, it was customary to decorate buildings with stone statues of demons that were enchanted to serve as guardians and protectors of those within. The misshapen figures of the statues were designed to taunt and anger any demons that attempted to gain entrance. Diablo worked to unlock the wards that protected these granite images, and eventually was able to gild them with a Hadean life. The Gargoyles arose from their captive sleep and swooped down to prey upon those whom they were created to protect. Naturally, the remaining statues were immediately destroyed, but there are Signum that escaped and continue to terrorise the innocent to this day.

The act of transforming from flesh to stone alllows the creature to heal any wounds that it has suffered, so it is best to either avoid these demons entirely or to hunt them down until they are dead. Do not allow them to flee, for they will soon return in full force.


  • Resistance: No resistances.
  • Immunity: Lightning, Magic.
  • Hit Points: 60-85
  • Damage: 10-16
VariantsWinged DemonGargoyleBlood ClawDeath Wing
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