Gamuel was a senior and high-ranking cleric of the Cathedral of Light. He was a broad-shouldered and broad-jawed man and a personal assistant to the Veiled Prophet himself.

Gamuel had been a warrior before his conversion into the ranks of the Prophet, and he was selected for his current role because of that background. In a very remote way, Gamuel reminded Inarius of his former self. Gamuel also hinted at a darker background and revelead he had at a time been a mercenary. This made him the ideal candidate for a 'holy task' assigned to him by the Prophet himself, namely the assassination of Uldyssian.

Gamuel ambushed Uldyssian whilst he was in Prince Ehmad's palace. Uldyssian proved unable to evade his assassin's deadly blades, as Gamuel managed to mortally would the farmer. Lost in his fanatic zeal, Gamuel approached Uldyssian for an unnecessary final strike - which proved to be his undoing. Through his amazing powers, Uldyssian managed not only to prevent his death by healing the deadly wound, but he also transferred his death to his would-be assassin. Even Inarius was baffled at this strange twist of fate.

Gamuel's last words were "I apologize Great Inarius."

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