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Galvanizing Ward2 Galvanizing Ward
As long as no damage has been taken the Wizard in 5 seconds, they gain a shield that can absorb unsaved damage. This shield is refreshed as soon as the Wizard manages another 5 seconds without taking any damage. The amount of damage absorbed equals 60% of maximum Life.

"Power begets power. The excess energy from one spell is absorbed by the other, and so the effect is sustained." — Excerpt from Grand Master Clavaught's Lecture on Synergistic Effects in Esoteric Arcane Spheres.

Galvanizing Ward is a passive Wizard skill in Diablo III. It is unlocked at character level 40.


Five seconds timer is reset if any unsaved damage is taken, even if it is fully absorbed. The Wizard must remain completely immune to damage or not be hit at all for the shield to regain power. Being hit by a non-damaging attack will not reset the timer.



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Prior to the pre-expansion patch for Diablo III, this passive granted the Wizard a doubled duration of effect for their Armor skills, and granted Life Regeneration when one of those spells was in effect.

Prior to patch 2.4, the shield absorbed a flat amount rather than a percentage of Life.