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"The rage that fills true Barbarians cannot be extinguished so long as they live. Fury, a resource that represents pure anger and battle-lust, powers their every terrifying strike. Fury rises in barbarians as they are damaged, and when they draw their enemies’ blood. As barbarians suffer increasing damage from their enemies (and quickly cut them down in response) their Fury builds to a peak. Excess Fury can be put to explosive use — barbarians can smash and destroy the battlefield, hurl themselves through the air, and split their opponents in two. Outside of combat, Fury wanes quickly, so adept Barbarians charge from battle to battle to ensure that they can continually deliver devastating attacks."

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Barbarian Fury orb in Diablo III.

Fury is a resource used by Barbarians in Diablo III and Diablo IV. It drains away when not in combat, but is generated by numerous Skills and by taking damage.

Diablo III[]

Fury starts at zero upon starting a game, and is gained from specific skills and items and from being damaged. It decreases when out of combat at the rate of approximately 3 per second, except while using the Unforgiving passive or Bul-Kathos's Oath. Ironically, effects that multiplicatively increase Fury generation also increase the degeneration rate. Fury has a base maximum of 100, which can be increased 50 by Paragon points, 20 with the Animosity passive, and a few dozen more with random magic item properties.

The Barbarian gains approximately .5 Fury per 1% of maximum Life worth of unsaved damage. Fury is gained regardless of whether the damage was lost from Life, or absorbed. The amount is rounded down, so damage over time effects tend to result in less Fury than receiving all the damage at once.

Only Mighty Belts, Mighty Weapons and Two-Handed Mighty Weapons can roll random Fury-specific stats. These include increases to maximum Fury, and Life gain per point of Fury spent.

Skills and items[]

Gaining Fury[]

Primary skills all produce Fury, limited by Attack Speed: Bash and Weapon Throw give 6 (9 with rune); Cleave gives 6 (+1 per enemy hit with rune); Frenzy gives 4 (6 with rune).

Some skills generate Fury with a Cooldown: Ground Stomp gives 15 (30 with rune, 12s base CD); Leap and Threatening Shout give 15 (10s base CD); Furious Charge gives 15 (+10 per enemy hit with rune, 10s base CD); War Cry gives 20 (50 with rune, 20s base CD); Overpower gives 5 per enemy hit with rune (12s base CD); Call of the Ancients gives 4 per hit by the summons (20s duration, 120s base CD).

Two skills can regain enough Fury to counteract their own costs: Whirlwind with rune costs 10 and regains 1 per enemy hit; Hammer of the Ancients with The Gavel of Judgment costs 20 and regains 25 if it hits 3 or fewer enemies.

The Bul-Kathos's Oath set bonus generates 15 Fury per second, easily overcoming Fury degradation out of combat.

Numerous passive skills help generate or save Fury:

  • Unforgiving removes the degradation of Fury out of combat and replaces it with 2 per second regeneration rate at all times.
  • Weapons Master adds 2 Fury per hit while dual-wielding Mighty Weapons.
  • Superstition has a chance per hit received from ranged or non-Physical attacks to gain 2 Fury, working out to approximately 2 Fury per second per separate attack source.
  • Animosity increases all Fury generation by 10% and maximum fury by 20.
  • Sword and Board reduces Fury costs by 20% if carrying a shield.
  • Relentless cuts Fury costs by 50% and doubles Life per Fury spent while below 35% life.

Fury Synergy[]

Two skills have runes to expend all remaining Fury and deal damage per Fury point spent: Seismic Slam (15% per Fury) and Ancient Spear (20% per Fury). Bash can similarly spend up to 40 Fury to deal up to 400-500% extra damage with Blade of the Warlord.

Three duration skills have runes which grant Life per Fury spent while active: Ignore Pain, Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker. The Bloodthirst passive grants ongoing Life per Fury spent, increased by 1% of Health Globe healing bonus.

Two skills may gain bonuses based on Fury level when used: Hammer of the Ancients (any rune) gains +0.2% Critical Hit chance per point of current Fury; Cleave deals up to 300% - 400% increased damage based on percentage of missing Fury when using Dishonored Legacy. The Berserker Rage passive increases all damage by 25% more damage when at 95% of maximum Fury or above.

Certain skill Cooldowns may be reduced per Fury spent: Avalanche 1 second per 25 Fury spent (15 with rune); Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients 1 second per 10 Fury spent with the Immortal King's Call 4-piece bonus; Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Ground Stomp 1 second per 30 Fury spent with the Might of the Earth 2-piece bonus.

The unique powers of Arreat's Law grant up to 50 extra Fury per Weapon Throw hit up to 200 beyond the normal cap, and up to 50 Fury refunded for Ancient Spear, which also resets the cap. Both Fury gains increase with distance to the target hit. This sets up a dynamic of accumulating very high Fury, then funneling it into the "spend all Fury" Ancient Spear rune.


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This section contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay.

In the first preview gameplay video, the Barbarian had a green-blue orb that appeared to be a type of Mana, but different from the Witch Doctor's which matched the color from Diablo II. At BlizzCon, players trying the Barbarian found that the orb held Stamina as a new resource type, indicating that different classes could have different energy sources. 

Further in development, the name was changed to Fury as seen in preview Skill descriptions, and has remained so ever since.

Diablo IV[]


The following are some older designs for the Diablo III Fury orb: