The Frozen Tundra is a large wilderness area between the Glacial Trail and The Ancients' Way.


Diablo IIEdit

Frozen Tundra
Act Act V
Quests None
Monsters Demon Trickster, Demon Rascal, Crush Beast, Blood Temptress, Catapult
Adjacent Zones Glacial Trail, Infernal Pit
Area Level Normal 27
Area Level Nightmare 60
Area Level Hell 81
Waypoint Yes

The tundra is a zone in Act V of Diablo II. The area is divided by numerous fortifications. Somewhere within it is the entrance to the Infernal Pit.

Unlike the wilderness areas close to the city, this area is almost entirely covered by white snow. This can cause some difficulty in picking out other white-colored (or bright) missile attacks like charged bolts or blood stars. Beware when facing monsters that can fire such missiles.

Diablo ImmortalEdit

The Frozen Tundra features in Diablo Immortal.[1]


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