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Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea is a body of water that covers the northern-most part of Sanctuary. Scosglen and the Dreadlands have their northern shores bordering this ocean, and the island of Xiansai is located within its waters.[1][2] Ice covers at least part of the sea.[3]

The shores of the Frozen Sea are dangerous; it is said that it takes a sturdy weapon to survive on them.[4] Despite the danger, Scosglen's fishermen reguarly brave the sea's trecherous waters.[5]

Over generations, a legend grew among fishers in the far north that a meager catch from the Frozen Sea meant Morsagurei had risen from the sea floor to claim its share, and if one challenged the greedy crustacean, they would become part of that share. The younger fishers dismissed this creature as myth and a miserable excuse for failure...until their brazen peers washed up on shore in pieces.[6]


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