For the Diablo II version, see Frostburn (Diablo II).
The Frostburn are legendary gloves in Diablo III. They require Character Level 60 to drop.

The unique affix is subject to Proc Coefficient of each specific spell. Duration of Freeze is 1 second. The damage increase for Cold skills is 15–20% at level 70.

These gloves may prove useful when combined with other Cold-enhancing items, like Azurewrath, Iceblink or Rimeheart.

Stats (Level 60)Edit

Frostburn Gauntlets

Legendary Gloves

  • 280-308 Armor


These gauntlets drain the warmth from anything they touch.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Prior to patch 2.0., Frostburn Gauntlets were the only gloves in game to grant Elemental Damage, in addition to bonus Cold skills damage (not just highest among Cold damage, but among all Elemental damage increases), but could not roll any random properties, severely limiting the usefulness. They were considered the worst choice for the slot, even for Cold-oriented builds, because they could not roll core stats, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, nor Critical Hit Damage. Some players abbreviated the Frostburn as FB, a pun on the name and the intended meaning of 'Free Brimstone'.
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