Frog Demons are found in the rivers running through Kurast.

These creatures resemble mutated Poison Arrow Frogs and seek to gobble up the unwary.

The Swamp Dweller and Bog Creature shoot fireballs, and the Slime Prince spits balls of venom.

Their poison/fireball attack can knock players back. Also, they move quite fast and have the ability to hide in the waters they spawn near, making it extremely annoying to hunt them all down. Their melee attack is weak however.


The darkening of the lands of Kehjistan during the Mage Clan Wars left much of the realm bristling with untamed magical energies. While much of this dissipated over time, some had effects upon the landscape and creatures of the jungle. Trees and vines would grow to unusual size, rivers and swamps would appear overnight, and once innocuous creatures would gain dangerous abilities with an appetite to match. Such is the case with what locals refer to as ‘Frog Demons’. These swamp dwelling monstrosities spit a poisonous mucous at their prey to kill it without having to engage in a physical confrontation. Once their victim has fallen to the powerful poison, the amphibious beasts strip the carcass of all flesh, leaving a pile of highly polished bones as the only evidence of the deed.

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