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Frigid Highlands
Act Act V
Quests Rescue on Mount Arreat
NPCs Barbarian Combatants
Monsters Demon Imp,
Demon Rascal(Minion),
Crush Beast,
Enslaved (preset)
Uniques on Normal Demon Rascal
Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Demon Gremlin,
Demon Imp(Minion),
Siege Beast,
Death Brawler
Guest Monsters Burning Dead Archer,
Vile Archer,
Vile Lancer,
Uniques and Champions Quantity 1-2 (Normal)
6-7 (Nightmare)
9-11 (Hell)
Super Unique Monsters Eldritch the Rectifier,
Sharptooth Slayer,
Eyeback the Unleashed
Adjacent Zones Bloody Foothills, Abaddon, Arreat Plateau
Area Level Normal 25
Area Level Nightmare 59
Area Level Hell 81
Waypoint Yes

The Frigid Highlands is a large wilderness area located between the Bloody Foothills and the Arreat Plateau. Within this area are three groups of imprisoned Barbarians and an entrance into an optional dungeon, Abaddon.

A waypoint can be found right next to the area's entrance.

Eldritch the Rectifier is located at the start of the area, Sharptooth Slayer is always near a prisoner pen, and at the end, Eyeback the Unleashed guards the way to the next area.


This area is called "Rigid Highlands" in the files.