"Fortunately, Burroughs and I, both being men of travel and adventure, have naturally crossed paths before (frequent readers of my works will no doubt remember this grizzled, rough-hewn boulder of a man from my classic, Xiansai Chronicles)."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Franklin Burroughs is a famed guide and hunter, who excels in trapping and killing the exotic and sometimes troublesome creatures and monsters found in Sanctuary. Abd al-Hazir regarded him fondly, describing him as a "grizzled, rough-hewn boulder of a man," and a man "of travel and adventure."


At some point Burroughs crossed paths with Abd al-Hazir. It would not be the first time, as since both were "men of travel and adventure," they crossed paths frequently. Burroughs was included in al-Hazir's account of his travels in Xiansai, the Xiansai Chronicles.

Encounter with Burrowing DeathEdit

"They'll jump right up onto these rocks and drag you down. An experienced hunter could survive an attack, but someone like you will be lunch if you keep stomping around here, making all that noise."

Franklin Burroughs(src)

Burroughs was frequently called upon to hunt Dune Threshers of the Borderlands, when one of their number came too close to civilization. In 1285, Burroughs was hunting one such creature when al-Hazir, having left Caldeum on a journey of his own, asked if he might join him on the hunt. He acted reluctant at first, but in reality he was happy to have al-Hazir along. They met up at dusk upon rocks that bordered the Tardein wastes. Burroughs pointed him to a corpse of an unfortunate soul who had run afoul of the creature, and dispelled al-Hazir's notion that staying on the rocks would keep them safe. To lure the beast out, Burroughs opened a cage of Scavengers, releasing them onto the sands with ropes attached to their necks. Almost instantly, the Thresher erupted upwards, closing its mouth around them. Akin to how one might reel in a fish, Burroughs kept his grip on the ropes, but he wasn't pulling, just holding on. After several seconds, the rope stopped jerking. Then, he began to reel it in.

As he did so, al-Hazir could see that the Scavengers had been swallowed whole by the Thresher, but they in turn had clawed their way out of it from the creature's inside. One of the creatures was even still alive. Burroughs, laughing at al-Hazir's unease, cut off the Scavenger's head and began lecturing him on the Dune Thresher. al-Hazir could only nod his head and listen as long as politeness dictated.[1]


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