Forlorn Farm

Forlorn Farm is a small zone that can appear in the Fields of Misery in Act I of Diablo III. It does not have a formal entrance, instead its borders can be recognized by the fence and the yard of a house.

There will be a dead Savage Beast outside of a farm house just west of the road going north to the Old Mill and south of the Sheltered Cottage. Touching it will start an unmarked event, causing Burrowing Leapers to emerge from the ground. After killing enough Leapers, players will face Burrow Bile

Farmer's Cellar

Once the player has killed the unique leaper, the Terrified Farmer will come outside, thanking the players for saving him and his wife. After that, players will be able to go down to the cellar. There is a guaranteed Resplendent Chest down there, and one can also see the wife of the farmer (who will hardly show any sign of welcome). Comments differ depending on gender and class, but overall, the dialogue can be continued for a long time (after the formal speech is over, wait for the farmer to say a phrase starting with "I can't take all the credit").

Unique MonstersEdit


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  • The zone and the event may be a reference to Red Dead Redemption.
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