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Forlorn Farm

The Forlorn Farm is a small area within the Fields of Misery in Act I of Diablo III. It is loosely bordered by a fence and run-down stone walls. On the north end there are some small buildings including a farmhouse. The farm is west of the road going north to the Old Mill.

There will be a dead Savage Beast outside of the farm house. Touching it will start A Farm Besieged, an short unmarked event which has no objective tracking or rewards unless it appears as a bounty. After killing some ambushing Burrowing Leapers and Burrow Bile, a Terrified Farmer will come outside, thanking the players for saving him and his wife.

Unique Monsters[]

The wife in the cellar[]

Farmer's Cellar
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Completing the event allows the Nephalem access to the Farmer's Cellar. There is a guaranteed Resplendent Chest down there, and one can also see the wife of the farmer - who will hardly show any sign of welcome. Clicking on the farmer will elicit a number of punny comments.


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  • The zone and the event may be a reference to Red Dead Redemption.