Upon opening a chest in Diablo II, a flying scimitar may fly out and attempt to kill the one who opened it. These scimitars are no ordinary ones: they eerily glow blue and viciously slash anyone nearby. Life and Mana cannot be stolen from Flying Scimitars. They posses an immunity to Lightning in Nightmare difficulty and both Fire and Lightning immunities on Hell difficulty.

Just before these scimitars spawn, a buzzing, droning sound can be heard. Flying Scimitars are fragile and usually die with one or two blows. Upon death the scimitars shatter into little pieces, leaving no (usable) 'corpse', although there is also a good chance they will drop a scimitar including its exceptional or elite variants.


When the trauma of death is especially great, the spirit of the slain is sometimes bound to an item associated with that death. Such is the case with these animated weapons that were once wielded by warriors who died while engaging in the violent act of melee combat. The last thought on the minds of those who once held these blades was to destroy their opponent and so they will slash out in an attempt to achieve that final goal.

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