Flesh Golems (a.k.a. Blood Golems) are a type of enemy encountered in Diablo III.


Flesh Golems are constructs created through blood magic rituals[1] by Adria.[2] While the Blood Golems used by Necromancers are linked to the caster's life and only able to be summoned one at a time,[3] Adria's golems were numerous, independent, and possessed a degree of sentience. They remained active even after her death. They appeared as twisted parodies of humans and demons, with distorted hunchback bodies and malformed faces.[2]

It is possible that Flesh Golems existed before Adria's time: The Golden Chamber is guarded by constructs of identical design, although they seem to be unrelated to her own golems.


Flesh Golems are encountered in Act V, though only in the Ruins of Corvus, Passage to Corvus and Unearthed Ruins. They are not demons, but rather have their own type called 'Blood Golem', therefore special properties tuned against demons will have no effect on Flesh Golems.



Interestingly, all Flesh Golems (except the guardians of the Golden Chamber) are named according to their type: Bari for Shamans, Nak for Hurlers and Vek for Gorgers.


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