Flayer Jungle

Flayer Jungle
Act Act III
Quests Blade of the Old Religion
Monsters Flayer, Flayer Shaman, Soul Killer, Soul Killer Shaman, Slime Prince, River Stalker, Winged Nightmare
Adjacent Zones Spider Forest, Great Marsh, Lower Kurast
Area Level Normal 22
Area Level Nightmare 50
Area Level Hell 80
Waypoint Yes

The Flayer Jungle is another jungle zone in Act III. The zone can sometimes be accessed from the Spider Forest, or more often from the Great Marsh. As its name suggests, the zone is infested by Flayers, Soul Killers and their shamans.

Somewhere in a random location, the player can find The Gidbinn guarded by a random unique Flayer. This item is necessary to complete the Blade of the Old Religion quest. The Gidbinn may or may not be found near the entrance to the Flayer Dungeon. The Flayer Jungle houses another optional dungeon, the Swampy Pit.

Usually the Gidbinn can be found near or inside a Flayer village. The village consists of several huts made out of wood. A cooking pot with several humanoid corpses inside can be found there as well.

Somewhere in the Flayer Jungle lies the entrance into the Flayer Dungeon. Players need to explore the maze-like dungeon in order to obtain Khalim's Brain. The golden chest containing the Brain is guarded by the Witch Doctor Endugu.

There is also a waypoint in this area.

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