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Flayer Dungeon
Act Act III
Quests Khalim's Will
Levels 3
Monsters Flayer,
Flayer Blowdart,
Flayer Shaman,
Soul Killer(Lvl 1-2),
Soul Killer Blowdart(Minion, Lvl 1-2),
Soul Killer Shaman(Lvl 1-2),
Gloom Bat(Lvl 1-2),
Dark Shape(Lvl 1-2),
Undead Flayer(Lvl 1-2),
Water Watcher
[All Flayers on Lvl 3 are preset]
Super Unique Monsters Witch Doctor Endugu (Lvl3)
Adjacent Zones Flayer Jungle
Area Level Normal 22
Area Level Nightmare 51
Area Level Hell 81, 82, 83
Waypoint No

The Flayer Dungeon is the location where you will find Khalim's Brain. It is found in the middle of the small Flayer village in the Flayer Jungle, where The Gidbinn can be found.

This area is a dungeon style location found in the Flayer Jungle. It consists of three levels, the final of these containing a golden chest with Khalim's Heart inside. The chest is guarded by the Fire Enchanted Witch Doctor Endugu and his cohorts. Once the Brain is taken, the chest will contain random magic items the next time it is opened.