For the immobile version of this spell, see Fire Wall (Diablo I).
Flame Wave

Requires: 54 Magic
Cost: 35 Mana (-3 per Spell Level, minimum 20)

Sends forth a moving wall of fire.

Damage Type: Fire

Flame Wave is a Fire spell in Diablo I, a variant of Fire Wall.

General InformationEdit

This spell creates a moving wall of flame which quickly travels away from the character. The higher the level, the more damage it does and the wider the wave is (it can be wider than the visible screen at high levels).

It deals much more damage than Fire Wall, to compensate for its inability to deal damage over time. However, it is usually losing to Fireball, dealing comparable damage, but only once per cast (while Fireball hits the targeted foe twice) and costs about twice as much Mana. Still, Flame Wave can potentially hit more enemies due to its width.

Another significant weakness is that there are invisible "damage gaps" between the segments of the wave like those in the normal Fire Wall, so it may be difficult to hit many monsters with one spell, despite its area damage.

In addition, this spell cannot be cast right next to the character, so any enemies at the melee range will not be affected.

It can be used to lure Diablo out of his lair without fighting his bodyguards. Flame Wave might also be useful during quests such as Skeleton King and Chamber of Bone.

This spell can hit the player who casts it (if they Teleport quickly into it), is blockable, and its damage counts as damage from a trap.

Damage Calculation:

  • Minimum Damage: 6 + 6 x Character Level
  • Maximum Damage: 60 + 6 x Character Level
  • Real Damage: Random[1-10] + Character Level + 1
  • Speed: 16
  • Number of flames: 5 + [Spell Level/2]


Diablo 1spells - Flame Wave (by Decimius)

Diablo 1spells - Flame Wave (by Decimius)

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