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Fist of the Heavens
Fist of the Heavens

Class: Crusader (Diablo III)
Required Level: 26
Skill Category: Secondary
Cost: 30 Wrath

Call forth a pillar of lightning from the heavens that explodes, dealing 545% damage as Lightning to any enemy within 8 yards. The explosion creates 6 piercing charged bolts that arc outward and deal 255% damage as Lightning.

Damage Type: Lightning

Fist of the Heavens is a Secondary Crusader skill, based on the Paladin skill of the same name.


When cast, strikes the targeted location anywhere within 60 yards. Can be cast over walls and terrain. The charged bolts are released evenly in 6 directions, and travel up to 40 yards, piercing through enemies. Each of the sparks deals full damage.


  • Divine Well: damage type changes to Holy, and each bolt also zaps all enemies within 20 yards of itself as it travels, dealing 40% damage as Holy per tick.
  • Heaven's Tempest: damage type changes to Fire, and the pillar also leaves behind a storm with 8 yard radius for 5 seconds, dealing 100% damage as Fire per second to enemies who pass underneath it.
  • Fissure: the pillar also leaves behind a fissure of lightning energy that deals 410% damage over 5 seconds within 8 yards. If there is another fissure nearby, lightning arcs between them every second, dealing 135% damage as Lightning to reached enemies. Each fissure connects to every other fissure within 40 yards.
  • Reverberation: the pillar also throws enemies away from the blast, up to 30 yards, and slows them by 80% for 4 seconds. This only affects the pillar: charged bolts do not have this effect.
  • Retribution: damage type changes to Holy, and the pillar is replaced with a massive piercing bolt thrown by the Crusader. It travels to the targeted location, dealing 270% damage as Holy to every enemy is passes through. At the targeted location, it explodes, dealing 435% damage as Holy within 8 yards and releasing 6 piercing charged bolts as usual, each dealing 185% damage as Holy to enemies they pierce through.

Non-rune enhancements[]

  • Darklight (Legendary Flail): increases damage by 800-1000%, and each casts also casts the second free Fist of Heavens at the same location. Retribution rune fires twice, with a short delay.
  • Khassett's Cord of Righteousness (Legendary Belt): reduces Wrath cost by 40% and increases damage by 130–170%.
  • Aegis of Valor (Set Bonus for 2 items): Attacking with Fist of the Heavens increases Heaven's Fury damage by 100% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times multiplicatively.
  • Aegis of Valor (Set Bonus for 4 items): Hitting with Fist of the Heavens generates 5 Wrath and reduces damage taken by 1% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 50 times.
  • Aegis of Valor (Set Bonus for 6 items): increases damage by 20,000%.


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The ability was the first one to be completed for the Crusader, in terms of how the skill worked and its supporting art.[1]

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