For the Witch Doctor skill, see Firebats.
The Firebat is an demonic animal monster that looks like a mixture between a Winged Fiend head and the hovering body of a Gargoyle.

These blood red coloured, flapping, hopping, bloated bat-like things are fire-based ranged attackers blessed with one of the most annoying squeals heard in all of Hellfire (which is really saying something) That appears in Crypt level 1 and 2 and attacks the characters encountered by shooting Firebolts. They also boast a very annoying AI; they're too stupid to get around corners or through doorways very well, so it's difficult to lure them into a closed area, and corner traps of the type that work on most archers and Succubi are useless against them. The best tactic is to reduce them to meaty chunks using Lightning or Chain Lightning Fortunately, they're very slow as the hop along, flapping their vestigial wings, and can be run down fairly easily by melee characters.

Stats Edit

  • Resistance: None
  • Immunity: Fire
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