For the Diablo II sorceress skill, see Fire Ball.

Requires: 48 Magic
Cost: 16 Mana (-1 per Spell Level, minimum 10)

Releases an exploding ball of flame.

Damage Type: Fire

Fireball is a Fire spell in Diablo I.

General InformationEdit

Fireball is a more powerful version of Firebolt. When cast, it creates a projectile that explodes on impact. Damage grows with both Character Level and Spell Level, and due to a bug, deals more damage than intended: the splash damage is same as the damage from impact (making most foes effectively take double damage). It also flies faster with Spell Levels.

The explosion is very indiscriminate: it damages every target except the caster within 1 tile of the impact spot, including other players and Golems. Only the impact itself or the splash damage can be blocked.

Fireball is a projectile spell and one of the most powerful spells in the game. Sorcerers will typically wish to switch to this spell as their main attack as soon as they get it. It sports some of the best damage in the game, can be fired quickly and causes splash damage upon impact.

Damage Calculation:

  • Minimum Damage: Rec(Spell Level, 4 + 2 x Character Level)
  • Maximum Damage: Rec(Spell Level, 40 + 2 x Character Level)
  • Quick Min. Damage: (4 + 2 x Character Level) · (9/8)^Spell Level
  • Quick Max. Damage: (40 + 2 x Character Level) · (9/8)^Spell Level
  • Real Damage: Rec(Spell Level, 2 x (Random[1-10] + Random[1-10] + Character Level) + 4)
  • Speed: 16 + 2 x Spell Level (maximum 50)

Rec stands for recursive function.


Diablo 1 spells - Fire Ball (by Decimius)

Diablo 1 spells - Fire Ball (by Decimius)

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