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The Fire Wall Sorceress is a Sorceress build that focuses on the Fire Wall Spell.

Fire Wall is a fascinating spell: although it does immense amounts of damage, especially when combined with the high bonus of Fire Mastery, it also has no synergy. As a result, the Fire Wall Sorceress can easily uphold her expertise with other skills.

Since V1.13 the Fire Wall ability now has a synergy with both Warmth (4% damage per point) and Inferno (1% damage per point). As such it is no longer devoid of synergies. However the low boost granted by inferno and the usefulness of Warmth means it's still viable to use with other skills.

When leveled up high enough, Fire Wall can do thousands of damage per second. The only problem is that Fire Wall, for one, deals damage over time in a set area. If an opponent is smart enough, they will avoid the Fire Wall and avoid death, or simply walk out of the fire without sustaining full damage from the spell. As a result, the Fire Wall Sorceress is not very useful in PvP, since most opposing players will simply step out of its way.

Additionally, most enemies in Hell mode are immune to fire. Therefore, Fire Wall Sorceresses often choose to create a more versatile character:

One possible build is to combine the firewall build with an enchantress, creating a true party sorceress, buffing allies then using them as tanks to hold the enemy still. After maxing warmth, firewall, enchant and fire mastery there's still enough points to put into frozen orb or other low synergy skills. As such this build is a highly competent party build with decent solo ability, more than enough to walk through nightmare and with decent gear and a strong build can happily survive through hell alone.

Since the Fire Wall Sorceress is often hybridized, finding equipment could be difficult; since Fire Wall is their spell of choice, finding + Fire equipment such as Eschuta's Temper is often preferred, but depending on what other spells are used, other elemental equipment or equipment that gives + to all skills may be more effective.

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