Fire Potions are a type of throwing potion that deals both fire and physical damage.

As far back as the Sin War, alchemical mages have studied the properties of the elements and combined them in various ways. Eventually, the mages developed some extremely toxic and volatile liquids. Many of these substances have proven to be effective weapons when placed in glass bottles and lobbed from a distance into groups of enemies. Some of these volatile grenades explode into fireballs when they shatter upon the ground. Others release thick clouds of toxic fumes that quickly poison and weaken the opponents enveloped within them.


To ready a throwing potion for use, equip it as you would a weapon. The Left Action Icon changes to the Throw action. Left-clicking on a target tosses one of your readied potions at it. As you use them up, a potion icon appears in the Play Area to warn you that you are running low. When you run out of potions, your character automatically equips the item that had previously been in your hand. Throwing potions of the same type can be stacked up to 25 potions in a single inventory slot. Note that you cannot perform a normal attack while holding Fire Potions, unlike Throwing Weapons.

There are three types of fire potions:

Icon Name Effect Damage Req Level Quality
FulminatingPotion Fulminating Potion Deals damage 3-8 fire, 2-7 physical 1 4
ExplodingPotion Exploding Potion Deals damage in radius 8-18 fire, 8-12 physical 12 16
OilPotion Oil Potion Lasting damage radius 13-34 fire, 13-30 physical 20 28
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