General InformationEdit

Fire Enchanted is a monster bonus available for selection for certain monsters. This will imbue its attacks with the element of Fire, now dealing damage of that element. It will also explode the monster's corpse upon death, which can take out a hero by surprise if he/she does not move out of the way in time.

Diablo II/Lord of DestructionEdit

Fire Enchanted will grant the Unique monster the following bonuses:

Fire Damage: x2

Chance to Hit: 66% to 100%

Fire Resistance: 75

Upon death, the fire enchantment will cast Corpse Explosion, causing 75% to 100% of the Unique's max hit points as damage in a radius of 4 yards (despite this, the monster will still leave behind a corpse which can be targeted by skills requiring a corpse to be used). This last bonus will be virtually impossible to avoid for those who are close enough to be affected, because the explosion happens barely half a second after the monster's death. Thus, it is essential for melee fighters to maintain a high health level before dealing the finishing blow, or risk dying along with the monster.

In addition, in Nightmare and Hell, minions gain 33% to 50% Fire Damage. In Hell, Uniques with this bonus also receive immunity to fire.

Diablo IIIEdit

Fire Enchanted returns in Diablo III, however there has been a couple of changes;

  • It is renamed to Molten. In addition, there are two more Fire-based affixes: Mortar and Fire Chains.
  • This is available for Champion monsters, rather than just Unique/Rare monsters.
  • Attacks no longer cause Fire damage. Instead, as monsters move, they leave a trail of lava that damages players standing in it.
  • The explosion that happens after the monster's death has been delayed by a couple seconds, compared to its near instantaneous occurance in the previous game, to allow melee heroes a fighting chance to avoid heavy Fire damage.
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