Fire Claws

Class: Druid
Required Level: 18
Skill Tree: Shape Shifting Skills
Requires: Werewolf, Werebear, Feral Rage, Maul
Cost: 4 Mana

Augments your paws with fire damage.

Damage Type: Fire
Synergies: Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Volcano
Other Stats: Can only be used in Werewolf or Werebear form

Fire Claws is a Druid skill in Diablo II.


  • Gives synergy to: None
  • Receives synergy from:


Unlike other similar skills, Fire Claws may be used in both Werewolf and Werebear form.

This allows the druid to get through some Immune to Physical creatures by dealing a bit of fire damage. Though the number may not look great, the synergies really put a huge bump in the damage. Maxing any one of them gives you +440% damage, making the level 20 skill hit for roughly 1000 fire damage, maxing all the synergies (not suggested) gives you roughly 4.5k fire damage.

It is one of the few skills in game that gain synergies from skills of another Skill Tree. Even though most Elemental Skills cannot be cast in beast form, the real usefulness of this effect is immense.


While in his animal form, a Druid can use his affinity with the natural elements in order to supplement his attacks with a blazing assault.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 4

Level 1234567891011
Fire Damage 15–20 23–28 31–36 39–44 47–52 55–60 63–68 71–76 83–88 95–100 107–112
Bonus Attack 50% 65% 80% 95% 110% 125% 140% 155% 170% 185% 200%
Level 12131415161718192025
Fire Damage 119–124 131–136 143–148 155–160 167–172 187–194 207–216 227–238 247–260
Bonus Attack 215% 230% 245% 260% 275% 290% 305% 320% 335% 410%