For the Druid of the same name, see Fiacla-Géar.

"Gives your character a distinctly angelic look."


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Fiacla-Géar are a set of wings that were released for Diablo III in the 2.6.1 patch. The wings could only be obtained by completing Chapter IV of Season 12 Journey.

Don't let a druid see you wearing these wings, as they may think you killed one of their brethren.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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  • In development, they were known as "Seraphim Wings"; in real-world mythology, Seraphim have six wings as opposed to most other angelic ranks, who only have two.[1]
  • These wings existed in game since the first patches of Reaper of Souls, but were only available in the Asian version of the game.[1]

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