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For the Diablo III wings of the same name, see Fiacla-Géar (wings).
"The storm's rage is my own, brother. I call, and the skies roar in reply."

- Fiacla-Géar(src)

Fiacla-Géar, a.k.a. Vasily[1] was a nephalem and founder of the Druids.


Fiacla-Géar was one of the Ancients; the first generation of nephalem in Sanctuary. Myths differ as to whether he was the confidant of Bul-Kathos, or his younger brother. One myth paints Fiacla-Géar as a frustrated sibling who struck out into the wild and developed an affinity for nature.[2] Whatever the source of their relationship, their bond was strong, and together they shared the secrets of The Ancients, of the mysteries below the peaks of Mt. Arreat, of the venerated task put to their people to protect those mysteries, and of the prophecies regarding the dark times ahead. They both agreed that, in order to fulfill their sacred trust, their people must devote themselves to nothing save that charge. However, they disagreed on exactly how the people could best do this. Bul-Kathos believed that only by bringing the tribes together and training them in strict martial discipline could the tribes faithfully concentrate on their goal for generations to come. Fiacla-Géar, on the other hand, believed that only through obtaining a spiritual oneness with the land they had sworn to protect could the people truly appreciate the importance of their role. Both agreed the other's philosophy had merit, and so around the time Bul-Kathos united the tribes, Fiacla-Géar gathered together a small group consisting of the tribes' greatest warrior-poets and shamans and mysteriously retreated into the forests surrounding the area known as Scosglen. There he and his people created the first of the Druid Colleges. In preparation for the impending conflict, he taught his people the Caoi Dúlra.[3] It is said that when Vasily first taught beneath the Great Oak, a raven perched to listen.[4]


Vasily's history was later recorded in the Scéal Fada.[2] A seaward facing statue of Vasily was erected in/near Túr Dúlra. Roots from the Great Oak growing at statue of Vasily will, on rare occasions, be found twisted back upon themselves, suffused with ferocious magic.[5] Because of the story of the raven perching to listen to Vasily, many Druids revere ravens for their cleverness, loyalty, and foresight of dangers to come.[4]


Fiacla-Géar-themed wings are available through Season 24 in Diablo III.

Fiacla-Géar-themed items can be found in Diablo IV, including Storm's Companion and Vasily's Prayer.