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Fezuul 2

Fezuul, Master of Bone, is a Unique Grotesque found in the Dahlgur Oasis in Act II of Diablo III. He spawns for an unmarked event.

In their journey, players may find a strange pond filled with dried bones. If these bones are touched, multiple Skeletons along with Fezuul himself will appear, commanding his minions to kill the Nephalem and drink his or her blood.

In combat, he has no affixes, but summons more and more Skeletons until killed.

Upon death, he drops the tome The Promises of Fezuul al-Kazaar, which reveals that Fezuul al-Kazaar lured his followers into the desert, promising them transformation beyond recognition. This promise was kept, however: all of his followers were turned to undead.