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Fear (a.k.a. Sends Enemy Flee in Fear) is a type of Crowd Control effect in Diablo II and Diablo III.

The general concept is sending the affected enemy run in horror, unable to perform any actions, away from the caster or the fearsome object. If feared enemies are immobilized, cornered or otherwise cannot flee any farther, they just stand idle, effectively being paralyzed. Fear only prevents use of attacks and active skills; all other effects will work as normal, and some skills can be used while Feared.

Fear has no effect on bosses in both games.

Lesser Fallen, unless supervised by a Fallen Overseer, always flee in fear when they see another Fallen killed, in all three games. However, this is part of their behavior and will not count as an actual Crowd Control effect for gameplay purposes.

Diablo II[]

In Diablo II, barbarians can use the Grim Ward or Howl to scare monsters. Necromancers have Terror skill instead.

Items may roll prefixes: Screaming, Wailing or Howling.

In Diablo II, Fear has no effect on players and super unique monsters.

Diablo III[]

Fear is a more common effect in Diablo III, and it can affect players as well. Monsters can even have a Nightmarish affix that gives a chance on attack to send the enemy fleeing in terror away from the caster. A chance to Fear on hit can roll on items, mostly weapons and Helms, as a secondary stat.

Some skills, most notably Witch Doctor's Horrify, inflict Fear. Even one of Legendary Potions causes enemies to flee upon use.

CC resistance reduces the duration of Fear. Note that players, while Feared, can still use some skills and even drink potions.

Bosses are immune to Fear, but all other enemies are affected by it normally.