The Farmer's Orchard is a quest in Diablo: Hellfire that is activated by talking to Lester the Farmer (if your character is level 15 or above).

On activation, Lester gives the adventurer a Rune Bomb, and he/she takes it to the bridge. Standing on the bridge drop, the adventurer drops it on the alien bulb on the ground. It then blows up, revealing the entrance to the The Festering Nest and allowing the adventurer to enter the Nest. After clearing the dungeon, the player returns to Lester, where he gives them the Auric Amulet.



"So you're the hero everyone's been talking about. Perhaps you could help a poor, simple farmer out of a terrible mess? At the edge of my orchard, just south of here, there's a horrible thing swelling out of the ground! I can't get to my crops or my bales of hay, and my poor cows will starve.
The witch gave this to me and said that it would blast that thing out of my field. If you could destroy it, I'd be forever grateful. I'd do it myself, but someone's got to watch the cows..."

Lester the Farmer:

"I knew that it couldn't be as simple as that witch made it sound. It's a sad world when you can't even trust your neighbours."

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