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For information on the Shaman as it appears in other games, see Fallen Shaman.
"Though the champions are larger and the lunatics more devastating, it is the shaman priests who lead the fallen. These shrunken, unintimidating demons can easily kill an enemy with their fire bolts, but it is their ability to resurrect their imp allies that allows them to command such high respect from their peers."

Fallen Shaman, as it appears in Diablo III

Fallen Shamans return in Diablo III.


Fallen shaman

Fallen Shamans are demons, and often accompany hordes of Fallen Ones, but are sometimes banding together to fight for themselves. They attack by launching Fireballs that deal heavy Fire damage on impact, but their most potent (and hated) ability is resurrection of the dead Grunts. They cannot resurrect Fallen Hounds and Fallen Overseers.

Fallen Shamans can only resurrect Grunts whose corpses are intact. Remember that on Torment difficulty only Grunts killed by critical hits will be destroyed utterly, other abilities (like Disintegrate) will not have any effect on them. This effect applies only to Grunts and only of there are Shamans nearby, though.

It is advised to kill Shamans first, but since they are usually far away and behind their allies, it can be challenging. Kiting is advised to outrun their deadly Fireballs.



  • Bashiok used a Fallen Shaman as his avatar.