"Shaman priests lead camps of fallen. I have also heard it rumored that they possess the ability to raise Fallen Imps from the dead!"

Zoltun Kulle(src)

A Fallen Shaman

Fallen Shamans are Fallen capable of wielding magic.


"Though the champions are larger and the lunatics more devastating, it is the shaman priests who lead the fallen. These shrunken, unintimidating demons can easily kill an enemy with their fire bolts, but it is their ability to resurrect their imp allies that allows them to command such high respect from their peers."

Deckard Cain(src)

Fallen society is tribal, and the Shamans are the rulers of their race.[1] The role of Shaman is a coveted one, and only the bravest and smartest of the Fallen attain the coveted training required to rise to the position. Their mastery of fire is evident in the balls of flame that they cast to incinerate their enemies. Their magical abilities also allow them to raise their Fallen brethren from the dead, making the Shaman especially dangerous when traveling with large groups of Fallen.[2]


Diablo IIEdit

Fallen Shamans first appear in Diablo II.

Diablo IIIEdit

Fallen Shamans return in Diablo III.

Diablo IVEdit

Fallen Shamans once again appear in Diablo IV.

Heroes of the StormEdit


A Fallen Shaman in Heroes of the Storm

Fallen Shamans in the Battlefield of Eternity map in Heroes of the Storm, alongside Fallen Hounds. They take the place of the game's usual knight creeps. The Shaman re-summons the Hounds until he is killed.[3]


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