"These slobbering abominations are commonly found among groups of the fallen and are utilized as guard animals, beasts of burden, or even food by their demonic masters. These beasts are loyal to a fault, regardless of the abuse heaped upon them."

Zoltun Kulle(src)

Fallen Hound

Fallen Hounds are a type of Fallen enemy introduced in Diablo III.


Diablo IIIEdit

Fallen Hound

Fallen Hound attack animation

Hounds are commonly found among their Imp breathren. In combat, Hounds are much tougher, faster and stronger than the regular Fallen. However, Fallen Shamans may not resurrect them. 

Two non-combat pets are available to players: Buddy and Frost Hound.


Heroes of the StormEdit


A Fallen Hound in Heroes of the Storm

Fallen Hounds appear in the Battlefield of Eternity map in Heroes of the Storm, alongside Fallen Shamans. They take the place of the game's usual knight creeps. The Shaman re-summons the Hounds until he is killed.[1]



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