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"There is a dark, tortured soul who was trapped within this forsaken realm long ago..."


The Fallen Angel is Act IV's first quest, which is activated by talking to Tyrael. He will tell the player of his former lieutenant, Izual, who is now trapped within a powerful demonic body and asks the player to destroy this demonic shell in order to set free Izual's tortured spirit. Izual can be found within the Plains of Despair, which can be reached from the Outer Steppes.

Once Izual has been defeated, his spirit will rise from the demonic shell. He informs the player that instead of being a prisoner, he was actually helping the Prime Evils: letting them know about the Soulstones, how to corrupt them, and helping them plan their own exile into Sanctuary.

Completing the quest rewards the player with two free Skill points


When players approach Izual the quest notification Notification should pop up. Izual's demonic form appears to be some kind of blue Balrog. In addition to his melee attack, Izual can cast Frost Nova, so having high Cold Resistance and an item with Half Freeze Duration will prove useful. The most difficult aspect in battling Izual is his massive amount of Health (nearly 12,000 hit points on Normal Difficulty). Fortunately, he does not hit too hard, so it is still somewhat manageable. Using town portals to stock up on potions is a good option.

Character Quest DialogueEdit

Quest CompletionEdit

"Goodbye, Izual."


"Corruption, take flight."


"Even fallen angels deserve freedom."


"I feel no pity for him. Oblivion is his reward."


"Izual was a fool, and squandered his infernal power."


"How can one so holy fall so far from righteousness?"


"He was corrupted to the core. I pity him."

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