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Explorer's Log is a four-part tome found in Adventure Mode of Diablo III in Act V on Greyhollow Island. It is written by Quentin Sharpe, and drops from the satchels randomly found across the island (on surface and in all caves, including Survivor's Cavern, Sharpe's Cove and Tidal Cave.

It reads as follows:

  1. Day 1. An inexplicable tide arose from nowhere, dashing our ship on the rocks, and now we are stranded. Could the old myths actually be true? Regardless, since our plan to study this infamous place was the talk of many, I am certain we'll be rescued before long. In the meantime, my research awaits.
  2. Day 6. It is odd — I feel the island's malevolence weighing upon me, and hear screams on the wind—but no one has lived here for millennia. We've only been here days, but my crew has the look of men who have been stranded for months. I find myself contemplating the impossible: is this island truly evil, or am I going mad?
  3. Day 23. Our lot is an unfortunate one. Some of us have been lost to madness, some have disappeared, and some have dropped dead for no apparent reason. And who or what is the crazed hermit with his bizarre rituals? When he attacked Smythe I was forced to kill him, yet I saw him this morning, alive. Terrifying.
  4. Day... day... I no longer know what day it is. I am forced to admit that our plan was ill conceived at best. Being the last survivor, it falls to me to rid this world of that madman if it's the last thing I do. I have lost count of how many times I have already killed him; I can only pray that this time it takes.