Essence is the resource of the Necromancer in Diablo III.


Essence is a form of energy[1] that gives beings life.[2] It can be harvested from dead and living beings by Necromancers[1] whether those beings be mortal, angel, or demon.[2] It is gained by summoning the fading life force of corpses,[1] by rending a soul, or siphoning it directly from blood.[2] It can even come from the Necromancer's own health. By doing so, every Necromancer ensures that they are seldom helpless or powerless. Necromancers use Essence to animate the dead, curse enemies, and command minions.

As a static resource, necromancers only have as much Essence as they harvest from their enemies. It does not fill up slowly over time, nor does it decay. Due to this peculiarity, Necromancers who are careless may find themselves out of Essence when they need it most. Necromancers who make the most of their power embrace the balance between exhausting Essence reserves and obtaining more from enemies, forever looking to the next battle. A necromancer with a full Essence pool is a terrifying adversary indeed, but they must carefully use their spells to keep enemies at bay.[1]


Essence is capped at 200, and does not regenerate passively (but also does not decrease over time), only being replenished by primary skills such as Blood Siphon, or by other skills like Devour in battle. Overwhelming Essence passive increases the maximum cap by 40, and Paragon levels further add up to 50.

Reilena's Shadowhook, the Legendary two-handed scythe, boosts all damage done by 0.5% for every point of maximum Essence (normally +100%).

Scythes (both one and two-handed), Shields and Phylacteries increase maximum Essence as well: up to +20 per item (at level 70).

Many skills generate Essence upon killing enemies as well, including the Reaping passive skill. Kormac can provide a 10% generation bonus.

Corpse skills usually cost no Essence to cast. Note that many Blood skills will consume Life in addition to Essence, if any.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Upon close inspection, some of the vapors on the Essence orb are shaped like screaming skulls.
  • The Necromancer is, in effect, the only class with three resources to fuel their skills: corpses, Essence, and Life.


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