5 Eskandiel c
is a Rift Guardian that can randomly spawn in a Nephalem Rift. He is a greatly empowered Corpse Raiser.

In combat, he retains abilities of a regular Corpse Raiser, with the following changes:

  • Regular attack: Gains Vortex affix on every hit. The attack is unavoidable, and its damage is drastically increased.
  • Summoning: Gains a Knockback affix if the green light wave hits a hero, and the wave deals high Cold damage. Life and damage of minions is also increased, and he may summon them in unlimited numbers. The wave deals more damage, and has long range, but also charges up longer.

He also gains Teleporter and Fast affixes. However, his most horrifying ability is his Arcane Enchanted affix, combined with greatly increased cast rate. In other words, unless players constantly kite Eskandiel throughout the Rift, he will fill all available space with Arcane Sentries and his minions that block pathing, constantly vortexing and knocking players back, often into areas heavily contaminated with the beams. This is especially dangerous for melee characters. Also note that his Arcane Sentry beams do not have a charge-up time, starting to rotate instantly when cast. The fight can be made much easier with good amount of Arcane resistance (ideally, players should bring a Countess Julia's Cameo).

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