Endless Walk (previously Endless Path) is a minor item set in Diablo III, usable by any class. Both pieces drop at character level 60 or higher.


Set Bonus (2):

  • While moving, all damage taken is reduced by up to 50%
  • While standing still, all damage dealt is increased by up to 100%

For either bonus, any movement will suffice, even being hit by a Knockback. The character will gain two stacking buffs: one can go up to 100 stacks (each stack will boost all damage done by 1%) and the other up to 50 stacks (each stack will reduce all damage taken by 1%).

When moving, the character will lose 20 damage stacks and gain 10 defense stacks per second. When standing still, the opposite will happen: every second, 20 damage stacks will be gained, and 10 defense stacks will be lost.

Both effects stack multiplicatively to other similar modifiers. This makes the set roughly equivalent to Bastions of Will. As the mechanics switch from offense to defense over time (5 seconds to fully convert), it actually requires player to more or less focus on their task, giving a steady damage output in combat and a steady protection when not attacking.

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