Enchantress Focuses are unique items only usable by Eirena. A Focus can be a magic mirror, a demonic eye, a crucible or a tree-shaped necklace: all these tokens help Eirena to channel her power. Eirena cannot use off-hand items, including the Wizard-only Orbs.

Focuses can roll up to 6 affixes, many of which are those that can normally be rolled on an amulet (except sockets, class-specific affixes, Life %, critical hit chance, or player-only characteristics bonuses). As of patch 2.0, Magic Find cannot roll on the follower items. There are no special affixes exclusive to followers or Enchantress, except for legendary guaranteed effects (see below).

Rare quality focuses can be crafted by the Blacksmith.

There are three legendary Focuses Eirena can use, all of them drop at level 61 or later:

  • Hand of the Prophet: 5 affixes and allows all 8 skills to be learned at once.
  • Smoking Thurible: 5 affixes and Eirena becomes unkillable (cannot enter a waver state, always remaining active no matter how hard she is hit).
  • Vadim's Surge: 5 affixes and halves the cooldowns of Eirena's skills.
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