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Enchanting Favor is a legendary Templar Relic in Diablo III. It only drops at character level 61 or later, and only on Torment difficulty.

When equipped on the Templar, he does not lose health and cannot be incapacitated. This does not prevent him from disappearing after a short period of time if he was called in by the set bonus for Asheara's Vestments.

Using this item with two Unity rings (one for Kormac and for the player) will effectively double the character's Toughness, as they will split damage evenly, but Kormac will suffer none.


Spear Fragment

Enchanting Favor
Legendary Templar Relic

  • +4 Random Primary Magic Properties
  • +1 Random Secondary Magic Property
  • Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die.

A diaphanous scarf given as a token of affection from a lady fair.

Other legendary follower items[]

All three followers have class-specific items with the same three legendary powers. The other two which grant invulnerability are the Skeleton Key (Scoundrel) and Smoking Thurible (Enchantress).

As Kormac is a melee combatant, he is frequently under fire and drawing attention from the player, particularly when using his Intervene (Taunt) skill. Therefore, this item is especially useful for him, although one of his other relics may provide more utility in some situations or with enough defensive stats.


  • Despite the item appearing as a blade shard, the description claims it to be a scarf. The description and the name are also a reference to Kormac's favor of Eirena the Enchantress.