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For Diablo II item tier, see Elite Items.

Elite Monsters is a collective term for all kinds of monster types in Diablo III that are above average in power. It is most important to players when determining the effects of item affixes 'X% reduced damage taken from elites' and 'X% more damage dealt to elites'.

Generally, Champion Monsters and Rare Monsters are also called elites, or elite packs. This is not to say that no one calls them by their previous monikers, however.

Overall, the elite monsters include:

  • Illusionist affix illusions spawned by either of the above
  • Other players, their summoned minions, pets, companions and followers (in PvP)

Damage to / from elites modifiers are not a common roll, and will mostly occur on legendary and set items. Only weapons and off-hand items can roll damage against elites as normal affixes, and only chest armor can roll reduced damage from elites. One may also socket a Diamond into a weapon for increased damage against elites. These stats are very important in the endgame, when common monsters become a much lesser threat than the elites.

Note that elite's summoned creatures (for example, Skeletons raised by Skeletal Summoners) generally do not count as Elites.