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Elemental Arrow

Class: Demon Hunter (Diablo III)
Required Level: 20
Skill Category: Secondary
Cost: 10 Hatred

Shoot a fire arrow that deals 300% damage as Fire to all enemies it passes through.

Damage Type: Fire
Other Stats: Requires Ranged Weapon

Elemental Arrow is a Demon Hunter Secondary skill in Diablo III. It bears some resemblance to Amazon skills like Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Exploding ArrowIce ArrowImmolation Arrow and Freezing Arrow.


Fires a charged arrow that pierces through all enemies in its path (roughly 80 yards), hitting each for Fire damage. It counts as missile, and cannot pierce through obstacles.


For the Sorceress Skill of same name, see Ball Lightning.
  • Ball Lightning: damage type changes to Lightning, arrow transforms into a piercing orb that slowly drifts forward, hitting all enemies within 10 yards for 300% damage as Lightning per tick.
  • Frost Arrow: damage type changes to Cold, damage increases to 330%. Arrow no longer pierces, instead splitting to 10 additional arrows after the first hit, spraying over 160 degree arc behind the main target, also dealing 330% damage as Cold each. Every enemy hit is chilled by 60% for 1 second.
  • Immolation Arrow: the arrow no longer pierces, but instead explodes upon reaching the enemy, dealing initial damage to the target and immolating the ground within 10 yards for 315% damage as Fire over 2 seconds. Multiple fire pools in one area stack.
  • Lightning Bolts: damage type changes to Lightning, Critical Hits also Stun enemies for 1 second.
  • Nether Tentacles: damage type changes to Physical, arrow transforms into a piercing orb that slowly drifts forward, hitting all enemies it pierces through for 300% damage as Physical per tick and healing the Demon Hunter for 0.4% of maximum Life per enemy hit per tick.

Non-rune enhancements:[]

  • Buriza-Do Kyanon (Legendary Crossbow): non-piercing runes will have 1-2 guaranteed pierces, each time spreading the full detonation effect and flying further.
  • Kridershot (Legendary Bow): instead of consuming 10 Hatred, Elemental Arrow generates 3-4 Hatred per shot, even if it does not hit an enemy.
  • Augustine's Panacea (Legendary Quiver): Elemental Arrow is empowered depending on the skill rune:
    • Ball Lightning now travels at 30% speed
    • Frost Arrow damage and Chilled duration increased by 200-250%.
    • Immolation Arrow ground damage over time increased by 200–250%.
    • Lightning Bolts damage and Stun duration increased by 200–250%.
    • Nether Tentacles damage and healing amount increased by 200–250%.
  • Embodiment of the Marauder Set (Set Bonus for 4 items): any time the Demon Hunter fires Elemental Arrow, all of their Sentries will fire it as well at their current target, fully benefiting from runes and enhancements.
  • Embodiment of the Marauder Set (Set Bonus for 6 items): for every active Sentry, damage of the Demon Hunter's own Elemental Arrow increases by +12000%.