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The entrance to the keep

Eastgate Keep, otherwise known as Eastgate Monastery, the Rogue Monastery, or Citadel of the Sightless Eye[1] is a structure that guards the passage between Khanduras and Aranoch.


Early History

Eastgate Keep

Eastgate was constructed by the Sons of Rakkis during their crusade against the West, the structure serving as a fortified outpost against their enemy's counterattacks. After Rakkis's previous successes in Aranoch, it was here that he regrouped his forces after the Barbarians and people of Ivgorod proved to be unconquerable. After restoring his men's morale, Rakkis led his forces west, eventually founding Westmarch. Eastgate later fell into abandonment.

Sometime later, the keep received new custodians—a group of rogue Amazons who called themselves the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. They used it as their base of operations.[2]

Recent History

The Dark Wanderer inside the monastery

The keep briefly fell to Andariel and the Sisterhood was splintered during the time of Diablo's return. However, the cathedral was cleansed by a group of heroes and Andariel was defeated. Now, the training grounds of Eastgate once again hum with the sound of bowstrings and battlecries.[2]


The monastery appears in the first act of Diablo II. It is divided into numerous sub-zones.


Rogues outside Eastgate


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • In Diablo II lore, Deckard Cain stated that the cathedral was built by the Rogues.[3] This has apparently been retconned, with current lore stating that it was built by the Sons of Rakkis and later appropriated by the Rogues.[2]


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