For the similarly named Barbarian set, see Might of the Earth.
EarthenMight Earthen Might
The Barbarian gains 30 Fury on each activation of Avalanche and Earthquake.

"My capital has become the cell in which I await my execution. The ground roars beneath me, announcing the presence of the wild men, as they rend and tear the foundations of the world and laugh. Oh, woe is me that I ever confused their savage ways for weakness." — Loren, Panep of Samauren

Earthen Might is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 64.


This applies to all forms of casting, even those triggered by the combination of Might of the Earth set and Leap, or with Blade of the Tribes.

Note that Earthquake does not generate Fury instead of spending it, but rather refunds 30 Fury after cast, effectively generating Fury per cast (normally 5 each time). With The Mountain's Call rune, turns Earthquake into Fury generator.