Dusk Shroud is a type of Body Armor in Diablo II, it is the Elite version of Quilted Armor.

It is a favourite amongst casters for its low strength requirement and possibility to have up to 4 sockets, making it a popular body armor for Enigma, Fortitude, or Chains of Honor Rune Words. Despite its low strength requirement, the best Dusk Shrouds have better defense than even the strongest Exceptional quality armor. Characters who have invested more points into strength may be better served using an Archon Plate instead, which grants more defense but still retains the light armor characteristic. 


  • Defense: 361 - 467
  • Level Requirement: 49
  • Strength Requirement: 77
  • Durability: 20
  • Maximum number of sockets: 4
  • Armor type: Light
  • Quality Level: 65

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