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Dungeons are a gameplay feature of Diablo IV.


Dungeons remain randomized, similar to previous titles. New features have been implemented, such as seamless floor transitions, as well as transition scenes. These are scenes that allow the developers to connect two different tile-sets together in the same dungeon, while keeping it randomized.[1] Dungeons are designed to feel congruent with the world, that these are structures that exist for a reason. Their aesthetics reflect the zone they're found in (sand-filled dungeons in Kehjistan for instance).[2]

Over 150 dungeons feature in the game.[1] Some dungeons are tied to the game's main storyline, others to side quests. However, the majority of dungeons are self-contained in terms of plot.[3] Some "mini dungeons" exist that are only one room.[4] Some dungeons are story-exclusive, and can only be played once.

Completing a dungeon grants the player renown.[5]

Some strongholds become dungeons after being cleared out the first time.[6] After completing the game's main quest, players will gain access to "Nightmare Dungeons." These are remixed versions of dungeons, filled with stronger monsters, new objectives, and other afflictions.[7] Upon completion, each dungeon grants the player an aspect; each aspect is unique to the dungeon it is found in.[8]

Dungeons are solitary experiences, though may be completed as part of a party.[9] Each dungeon has a recommended level.[10]

In the game's zone map, dungeons are marked by an iron gate icon.

List of Dungeons[]

Dry Steppes[]

  • Ancient's Lament
  • Betrayer's Row
  • Bloodsoaked Crag
  • Buried Halls
  • Carrion Fields
  • Champion's Demise
  • Charnel House
  • Dark Ravine
  • Forgotten Depths
  • Guulrahn Canal
  • Guulrahn Slums
  • Grinning Labyrinth
  • Komdor Temple
  • Mournfield
  • Onyx Hold
  • Pallid Delve
  • Path of the Blind
  • Sealed Archives
  • Seaside Descent
  • Shifting City
  • Whispering Vault

Fractured Peaks[]





The dungeons in Diablo IV were developed by the "dungeon team."[11]

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